The Blanche d’Armagnac obeys the same specifications as the Amber Armagnac. It is distilled from a white wine of Gascony in a column still and matured in a stainless steel tank. Its aromatic richness comes from the continuous distillation process, which gives a naturally perfumed fruity brandy. It is appreciated before its aging in oak barrels.

By taking a fresh look at a discreet treasure of Gascony, Patrick de Montal has revealed Blanche d’Armagnac and shared the wonder of this discovery with the world.

The Fine Blanche® is made from the distillation of wines grown on the Arton estate. At the exit of the still, it is aerated to reduce its fire. It reaches its fullness in 18 months. Its alcohol level is gradually lowered from 54° to 45° by dilution (addition of distilled water) in order to reveal the freshness of its fruity and floral aromas. At Arton, our white is vintage every year.