White wine from Gascony, produced for distillation, is heated in a double-columned still, called an “armagnacais”.  Cool wine (15°C) climbs into the first column of the still, then redescends into the second column, where it flows through several trays.  At the bottom, it simmers above the furnace, releasing steam that rises up to meet the cool wine that is coming down the tray column. When the steam reaches saturation, it flows by a conduit which winds through the heart of the first column. This cools and condenses the vapor, giving birth to Armagnac blanc (54% ABV).

The Château Arton Armagnacs are distilled as close as possible to the harvest, as soon as the wine made for distillation is ready, in order to preserve its freshness.  After distillation they are aged with care: regular tastings are essential to controlling the balance of aromas and refining their flavor.