Patrick de Montal hasn’t always been a winemaker.  

But he had always dreamt of it. Fortis Atque Fidelis (Strong and Loyal) is the family motto. Vigorous, he has braved the tribulations of his conversion with faith and perseverance in order to create from scratch a vineyard that lives up to his passion.

He had the courage to reintroduce vines into the Haut Armagnac, reinventing this unknown designation and giving it its own identity. Devoted to his land and true to his dream, he was rewarded for his efforts in 2017 when the Armagnac Château Arton received the Prix d’Excellence in the Eau de vie category at the General Agricultural Competition in Paris, a priceless distinction, made even more valuable by the fact that it was the first time it was awarded to an Armagnac. 

Inspired by Victoire, and by their love, he has tested the limits of his ideals and upheld his pioneering spirit. He is the first to have put vintages on the bottles of Armagnac de Montal sold in the United States (1982). It is he who we have to thank for interrupting the traditional process of Armagnac production to distinguish La Fine Blanche® , this eau de vie from Armagnac that leaves the still pure and translucent (1985). Intuitive and creative, he has single-handedly resuscitated the Haut Armagnac.

  • Victoire de Montesquiou

    « Montal ! Montesquiou ! Quel héritage merveilleux ! Nos ancêtres se sont distingués tout au long de l’histoire de France ».

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  • Fabrice Saramon

    Depuis 2002, Fabrice Saramon forme avec Patrick de Montal un duo unique, déterminant la signature aromatique des vins d’Arton.

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